A name dedicated to Innovation & Innovators that are creating Change, Challenging the Status Quo & in the Process, Show us what Design is truly about.

Products and Projects that you see on designdaily.. bring something new to the table.

A new idea, a new material, a new technology or a new method - They all give us something new & in the process show us the true capabilities of Design & what We can achieve through it.

They show us Possibilities and give us Faith.

Possibilities because they Innovate & it is because of these possibilities that we have Faith that our future is bright one.

Design is a tool. A tool that is being and can be used to find solutions to both individual and Global issues. It is not a secret that global issues such as Waste can be eradicated using the Tool of Design.

This is a small explanation of the reason why designdaily.. was created. It exists to show you what is possible & inspire you.

It does Not matter if you are a Student or a Professional - You being the creator have the power to innovate, influence change and challenge the Status Quo. Also, because with Power comes Responsibility, it is yours to show the world the Path and to show the world how essential Design really is for all of Us through your work, ideas & creations.