Materials & PROCESS

All of our pieces for through our four stage process -

1) Conceive the idea

2) Digitally sculpt

3) 3D print

4) Hand finish

We digitally sculpt using a variety of tools and send our models off to be printed by state of the art 3D printers located across the globe.

Silver, Gold and Platinum items are first 3D printed in wax, then casted using traditional lost wax processes. The item is then hand finished to get the desired look.

Steel is 3D printed using a powdered alloy, being built up layer by layer from a powder bed. A printer moves across the print bed binding the powder together layer by layer. The model is then heated an any excess powder is removed. The model is then finally infused with bronze to create a structurally strong product. Steel pieces are then finished or coated to give the desired effect.

PLA plastic models are created using laser sintering. Essentially building up the plastic layer by layer.