What started out as a passion project and a way to create meaningful gifts for friends and family, a year later has evolved into a complete brand. The power pair behind the brand, Twenty Third C, are motion designer Nik Hill and rising opera star Katie Stevenson. Between them they have some formidable accolades. Nik has a background in art and illustration and exhibited at Red Bull studios, London. He also worked at Territory Studio for many years and was part of the design and animation team behind a number of blockbuster film projects. Whilst Katie, formerly part of the world famous Cantamus choir, has recently had her Proms debut performing Vaughn Williams at BBC Last Night of the Proms. The couple design and create the jewellery, photograph each other wearing the pieces and post them on their joint Instagram account. 


To celebrate the launch of the Twenty Third C online store Nik teamed up with supreme VFX talent Raphael Rau and audio power house Zelig Sound to create a mesmerising trip into the fourth dimension. By Flying a virtual camera through the digital models, that ultimately end up being 3D printed into jewellery, the team created an elegant journey that transcends scale and dimensions, accompanied by a rhythmically spiritual soundtrack. 


Twenty Third C intend to group their products by line, collection or size rather than gender, believing that there is far more of a crossover in taste between male and female shoppers than modern stores allow for.